Standing in the way of control

So, I’ve reached a crossroads with my relationship. It’s clear to me that I’m going to have to break up with my boyfriend/future fiancé due to an unresolved issue. He feels he needs a threesome twice a year to prevent him from cheating on me.

That immediately made me ready to fight and lose my mind. If I had come to him and made this demand, he would’ve ran for the hills. Now here’s where the rub is: I love threesomes. I love everything to do with them. It’s like having my cake & eating it too. I usually end up with a girlfriend out of it, which is soul-filling.

He, on the other hand, doesn’t see it that way. He thinks he justs hits it & they disappear. I have to deal with the girl. I’m the one who she calls all upset when she wants to see us again & can’t understand why she won’t ever again. I deal with the hurt feelings and tears and anger. He never sees that part. That’s why I won’t agree to any threesome. One, he has to build back up my trust in him. Two, he has to learn women aren’t playthings and have feelings.


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