Redemption Song

I’m in love again. I tried not be. I really did try. Nearly two weeks ago, I officially said goodbye to an old flame. My heart closed itself from him and it was a relief. I was worried that I would allow him to drag me down always. Thankfully, through a series of bizarre events, I managed to close the door. Literally the next day, I accepted a promise ring from a beloved friend of mine. (I call him Rupert as our inside joke.) I had dated Rupert once and never really stopped loving him. I let it change to the warmth of friendship because i had to get myself straight first. Long story short, I didn’t. I fell apart & went through a lot.
For some reason or another, I accepted the ring because it felt right. I did hem & haw before accepting because I wanted him to understand the gravity of it. He was promising alot and I wanted him to be sure of it. I don’t commit idly. I’ve only had 2 serious relationships in my life. Rupert was one of them. I know at the end of the day he’ll support me in all that I’ll ever do. He has been my biggest champion & my strongest ally. I would’ve lost hope numerous times without him. He’s dependable, loyal & he loves me.  For me. I want to spend my life with him. I only pray the Goddess sees fit to answer that plea.

(Rupert, if you ever read this: I love you. Always & always.)


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