The fire

Lust is an interesting thing. It fans your flames & can send you up in smoke. But if you let it simmer… let it build…  Oh, it’ll warm & caress you in unimaginable ways.

That’s where I am now. One of the guys I’ve been seeing drives me crazy. We’ve only met in person twice but every time, I feel my lust notch higher. His voice, mouth & hands drive me crazy. I think mainly because he’s never touched me intimately. We’ve only simply shared a hug & I’m personally fine with that. I’m enjoying my attraction far more than I think I’d enjoy the intimacy.

He fascinates me. Truly. It’s been a while since that’s happened. I wish I had the energy to sit & moon over him but I’ve been down this road before. So, I’ll continue protecting my heart & vagina until this heat passes or becomes too hot to hold.